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 2010 – Unimpressed by a Market saturated with generic labels AKA Apparel emerged from decades of petrol fumes, forged with cold steel, grinding sparks and cut knuckles, stylized by graffiti art and hardened by action sports with the vision to produce an individualized quality product on a level unmatched by any other institutionalized retailers.

From the very first piece of clothing produced in the spring of 2010, AKA Apparel has progressed from a garage operation creating “one off ” collector items to producing limited edition runs of unique designs and colors. Since its inception AKA Apparel has challenged the market by providing clothing that stands out from the crowd.

The symbol of the AKA revolution is the GUN – Based on the the most reliable weapon of the 20th century, representing Strength but above all Rebellion against the mainstream fads and trends.

AKA Apparel is continuously searching the globe looking for the best quality fabrics, stitching and prints to make inspirational street wear. We believe its the small things that count, from the cut of the cloth, the feel of the fabric to the trademark AKA logo on the left sleeve.

AKA – A call to those who know who they are, what they want and how to look the part on the way there.

Our Motto:

Select Your Uprising – Only you can find your way along the path to the top ,choose it, own it and be proud about it .